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Opening: Bachelor and Master of International Class in FKM UNDIP

Bachelor and Master of International Class




Brief history

Faculty of Public Health University of Diponegoro (FPH UNDIP) is one of the first five universities in Indonesia that provides a Bachelor of public health. FPH UNDIP has a long and distinguished history as one of Indonesia’s leading providers of public health sciences education.

FPH UNDIP has done several reforms on Public Health Education to ensure the high quality of its graduates. Latest reform was in field of development of international curriculum and professional education, with the accreditation of A from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, Ministry of Education – Republic of Indonesia.  Now FPH UNDIP offers courses to international students.


Become an excellence institution of higher education in the field of public health in national and international level.

The vision has been adjusted to Basic Scientific Pattern and the development of UNDIP towards a research university.

Course Program for International Class

1.  Regular course program

The program designs for high school graduates to achieve bachelor degree (Bachelor of Public Health).

Credit                          :     144 credits

Course duration     :     7 semesters.

Concentration         :

–    Biostatistics and Population Study

–    Environmental Health

–    Epidemiology and Tropical Diseases

–    Health Administration and Policy

–    Health Education and Behavioral Sciences

–    Occupational Safety and Health

–    Public Health Nutrition

–    Reproduction, Maternal and Child Health

2. Special course program

The program designs for diploma graduates who intends to take bachelor degree and master degree as well.

Credit                          :     54 credits on bachelor degree

42-45 credits on master degree

Course duration     :     6 semesters to accomplish master program (3 semesters each on bachelor and master degree).

Concentration         :

–    Biostatistics and Population Study

–    Environmental Health

–    Epidemiology and Tropical Diseases

–    Health Administration and Policy

–    Health Education and Behavioral Sciences

–    Occupational Safety and Health

–    Public Health Nutrition

–    Reproduction, Maternal and Child Health

Master program     :

  1. Epidemiology, concentration: (1) General Epidemiology, (2) Field Epidemiology, and (3) Clinical Epidemiology
  2. Health Promotion, concentration: (1) Health Promotion, (2) Reproductive Health/HIV-AIDS, (3) Human Resource Development , and (4) Health, Safety and Occupational Health Promotion
  3. Community Nutrition, concentration: (1) Community Nutrition; (2) Food Science and (3) Biomedical Nutrition
  4. Master’s Program in Public Health, concentration:  (1) Hospital Administration, (2) Health Management Information System, (3) Administration and Health Policy, sub major: (a) Maternal and Child Health Management and (b) Administration and Health Policy
  5. Environmental Health Science, concentration: (1) Environmental Health, (2) Industrial Environmental Health and (3) Environmental Health Management

Facilities and Infrastructures

1.  Library

Campus library provides a wide range of services including collection of latest books and journals, library information system, and e-learning that can be accessed through international website. All services are free for FPH students.

2.  Computer laboratory

The laboratory provides services to support teaching and learning activities, including on-campus networking facilities for electronic communication. Students have free 24-hours access to the networking facilities.

3.  Laboratory

Audio visual aids laboratory

Environmental health laboratory

Epidemiology laboratory

Nutrition laboratory

Occupational health laboratory

4.  Classroom

Three floors building for classrooms. Each classroom is air-conditioned and equipped with computer and LCD projector. Special room for stadium generale also provided with teleconference facilities. FPH also provides rooms for problem based learning activities.

Support service

Faculty of Public Health provides many specialized support services to help students adjust to living in Semarang. We understand the difficulties international students might face in adjusting to a new culture and landscape, making new friends and studying successfully, all at the same time. Our staff will ensure that you don’t have to cope with this all on your own. Please contact us for support service.

Application and Admission

Candidates should pose high school certificate for regular course program and diploma degree for special course program.

Application period: June 22 – July 10, 2010

Application form can be downloaded at  here: Application Form

Please lodge your application to fkm@undip.ac.id

Applicant selection will be announced on August, 2010

English language requirement

International students must provide evidence of their English proficiency in accordance with TOEFL minimum score 500 or IELTS minimum 5.

Semester starts

The first semester of classes will begin:

  1. Regular course program:  on September, 2010
  2. Special course program:  on September, 2010 and January, 2011

Tuition Fee and Other Expenses

Tuition fee                          :       a.  Regular course program  :     750 USD x 8 semesters

b.  Special course program   :

  • o 750 USD x 3 semesters , and
  • o 1500 – 2000 USD x 3 semesters (depending on the selected master’s programs)

Health insurance*           :       200-300 USD / year

Book*                                   :       600-700 USD / 3 semesters

Living allowance*             :       250-500 USD / month

*) personal expenses approximation (may vary due to individual need)

Contact detail

Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Diponegoro

Jl. Prof. Sudharto, SH

Kampus UNDIP Tembalang, Semarang 50275


Phone                       :     +62247460044

Facsimile                  :     +62247460044 ext 102

Website                   :     www.fkm.undip.ac.id

Contact person     :     Ms. Praba Ginanjar

Email: praba@undip.ac.id or prabagin@yahoo.com

Mobile phone: +6281325887942

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